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Styled to suspend

Since 2008 I have been practising the ancient circus discipline known as Hair Hanging, a traditional circus technique that had been abandoned but which I have been bringing to the world on the contemporary stage.

Throughout this time, I have been rediscovering and technically evolving the suspension loop, placing a special emphasis on the physical care required to maintain good postural health.

I have creatively incorporated it as a tool in my experimental creations.

The Workshop

My impulse to share my own experience, practicing and evolving this ancient Circus discipline, rises up from the need to create a Technique, to have some steps to follow on the development and research of hair suspension.

The Main Focus
- Opening awareness about the importance of a good physical preparation, including the care and the maintenance of the body posture required by this practice.
- The art of “ The Knot to Float up” and it's delicates and essential details for a postural health and good development of the technique.

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