Who I am

I'm Ingrid Esperanza.
Mexican, Performer and creator, dedicated to the movement research and the exploration of hybrid languages in the contemporary scene, currently based in Barcelona.

In my search for truth on the stage, I experience a constant dance between surface and depth, between shape and background, between ego and being. From my fragility I seek to reinvent myself and find the energy to walk towards a utopian horizon that advances at the pace of my steps.



I was born in the southeastern Mexico, my first approach to the movement was through the folk dances and tropical rhythms, in the festivities of my town. Attracted by the stage I studied performing art in Mexico City.

Following my first encounter with the contemporary circus I began to explore and travel through various aerial disciplines that led me to "Hair Suspension" this taking place in parallel with the blend of scenic languages in personal and collective creations such as IMAGA, “Proyecto Otradnoie” and “Páramo Cero”, which were originated in the Barcelona underground, generating hybrid proposals of experimental Circus, Physical Theater and Performance Dance.

I have collaborated with several companies such as “Cirque du soleil”, “Animal Religion”, “Karlik danza-teatro”, “Circo Raus”, “MX Theatro”, “Eros Ludens”, “Grupo 55”, among others, in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, etc. I have toured the American continent and Europe.

I was awarded
The pre-selection for Circus Next, European Contemporary Circus Platform, in 2012.
The 'Creadores Escénicos del FONCA' grant, Mexico, in 2010.
The "UNESCO - Aschberg" Bursary for Performing Arts in 2007.
The 'Berlinale' Scholarship, Short Film Festival, in 2005.

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