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The main point in our work is to seek and develop a stage language which will bring together: circus, objects, construction of sound devices, movements and sound creation; These components become incorporated into feeding show and dramaturgy.

The company's goal is to create a space to gather stage proposals around a common concern: human being as a social animal; looking for risky approach and its specific aesthetics.

OTRADNOIE.1 alludes to a world of oblivion, a world full of things that had lost their function, of people who had given up existing. Here, away from Otradnoie, there is too much noise to return, everything has been covered with human stupidity! Bombarded with flood of media “information”, invited to beastly consumption that promises an “ideal” lifestyle, we only find waste and dissatisfaction.

The set design consists of the re-use of discarded objects that now find new meaning and new life on stage.

These objects, that lost there function, coexist with machines and electronic devices to generate noises; with them is built the music of the show, creating this peculiar forgotten sonority, a poetic stone full of dust.

Artistic Team:
  German Caro Larsen
  Ingrid Esperanza
  Ivan Tomasevic

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